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Can Send but Can't Receive IM Messages.
Jaq Christo 06/25/2008 03:19 AM
Sametime Entry 7.0 Windows


We are having a problem with Sametime Entry. chat(basic text) with lotus notes package/instant messaging.

After setting up a new system with Lotus notes 7.0.2 package with Sametime Entry client and re-assigning the user to the new system with windows XP and same version of lotus notes/sametime.

**Sametime Entry IM shows logged in, and shows groups of users, but fails to initialise the chat session, user can't receive incomming but can send outgoin chat text to users-one way chat possible.(we never had the problem with the users old system until we used the new system, now the old system also doesnt work with his basic profile for chat)

Im still looking around but no luck yet, seems like a user profile problem but not sure.

we use this over an office network with a firewall with client systems of WinXp SP2 & Lotus 7.0.2 26Sept.2006 version.

**In conclusion: User can log in normally see other users online/away and also change their own status but cannot receive incomming text unless initiated by user them self (like a one way chat- for only this one users profile)


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