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orhan coskun 6.Jun.11 05:14 AM a Web browser
Sametime Standard 7.5.1 CF1 AIX


The problem I have is that when I launch the browser and access my mailfile I get connected to Sametime but when I try to open the buddylist in the right Sidebar Panel, it says:
"Can not resolve the name on Sametime servers".

1. I can confirm that awareness is working correctly
2. I can confirm that the DWA 8 contact list is enabled and properly configured
a. Enabling the Instant Contact List for DWA 8
b. Configuring the Instant Contact List for DWA 8
* Configure Java servlet support: In the Java Servlets section, for the field Java servlet support, select "Domino Servlet Manager" from the list.
* Edit the Sametime Configuration file: Add the IP address of the Domino Web Access server to Community Trusted IPs field.
* Edit the Servlet Configuration file: Create a text file in the Domino Data directory on the Domino Web Access server called that includes the following line: servlet.DWABuddyList.code=com.lotus.dwa.stbuddy.DWABuddyList
etc, etc...

I found out several technotes about this error in the IBM Knowledge Base (for instance the doc number 1317895) but it does not help.
There is a section in this technote called => Troubleshooting "Could not resolve name on Sametime server" errors and the resolutions are listed below:

1. In more than one case, the error "Could not resolve name on Sametime Server" was caused by duplicate LDAP documents existing in stconfig.nsf on the Sametime server. Removing the duplicate document(s) resolved the error and the contact list loaded successfully.
=> my comments: In the stconfig I have 2 entries for LDAP with priorities set: these 2 LDAP entries are intended to support failover of the first LDAP server. These configuration documents do not point to the same server, I mean there are duplicated documents.

2. In another case, the error "Could not resolve name on Sametime Server" was caused because the LDAP task was loading automatically as a service on a Lotus Domino administrative server, even though the administrator had not configured the server to use LDAP. Removing the LDAP task from the server's notes.ini did not stop LDAP from loading. Disabling the LDAP Listener task in the 'TCP/IP port status' and 'SSL port status' fields on the Server document (Ports -> Internet Ports -> Directory tabs and restarting the staddin task on the Sametime server resolved this issue.
=> my comments: done

3. In another case, the error "Could not resolve name on Sametime Server" was caused because the LDAP server was overloaded with requests from a WebSphere server. The LDAP server was running at over 70% CPU in this case. The issue was resolved by implementing a designated LDAP server specifically to handle requests from the Sametime server.
=> my comments: no overload on the LDAP server

I have iNotes running on mail servers (Domino 8.5.1 FP2). I have set the Instant Messaging part in the Domino Web Access configuration section as below:

- Instant messaging features: Enabled
- Online awareness: Enabled
- Allow secrets and tokens authentication: Enabled
- Set an IBM Lotus Sametime server hostname for all Lotus iNotes users (useful for clustered configurations):
- Loading \stlinks from Domino application server: Enabled
- Prefer Lotus iNotes 8 Contact List: Enabled
- Prefer Sametime Connect for browsers (DWA 7 only): Disabled
- Pass the organization name (commonly used when Domino is configured for xSP): Disabled
- Directory type used by IBM Lotus Sametime server: Domino Directory

Our Sametime servers are 7.5.1 CF1 (2 Sametime Servers in cluster).

I did not configure yet the servlet logging to gather additional data...

Thanks for your help.


Problem with iNotes when Loading bu... (orhan coskun 6.Jun.11)
. . RE: Problem with iNotes when Loadin... (orhan coskun 9.Jun.11)

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