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Jason Clark 15.Nov.07 07:40 AM a Web browser
Administration 7.5.1 CF1 Windows

I have 2 different Sametime servers within my enterprise. They were set up by two different developer communities and each have their own Sametime servers and firewall rules set up. I have successfully been able to get Gateways configured so that they can communicate with each other, but only in the case where the email domain is different.

When trying to configure the Gateway servers, you must have "unique" domains between your local community and your external communities. Both of the LDAPs have users with the same email extensions e.g. We did add a few test users into one of the LDAP servers that had a different entry in the email field (e.g. We were then able to configure our communities so that the local domain of the LDAP with the new entries had the entry in their local domain and the in the external communities domain, vice versa for the other Gateway.

The main problem is that since we cannot put in both the local and the external domains, how are we to configure the Gateways so that they can see each other?

I did log in with one of the email addresses and tried to add someone from the other Sametime server that also had the email address and it does not allow us to communicate. Another funny quirk which I'm not sure if it has to do with the Gateway settings or not, is that when I used this user with the email, I had to type in their full email address in the login: (e..g instead of just the uid (me) like I could do with an account that had a email address.

Sametime Gateway with same email do... (Jason Clark 15.Nov.07)
. . Lets simplify, open a connection be... (Chris Miller 19.Nov.07)

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