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Mary E Pulliam 23.Jan.08 10:17 AM a Web browser
Usability Issues 7.5.1 CF1 All Platforms

Under the section titled “Summary of the scheduling process” on the page linked here ( ), the process of a user creating a meeting within Notes is described with relative clarity and it appears that it is not the Sametime server, but rather the user’s Notes client that sends out the invitations once it receives a response message from Sametime accepting the meeting.

From what I’ve read about the MS Office Integration package, it would appear that the process is the same, or nearly so, for Outlook users.

Turning to a different, though related subject, I am now convinced that SMTP is not the culprit for invitations not going out when creating meetings directly in the Meeting Center. I have created users with internet email addresses and users with Notes mail files. From within a Notes mail file, I can send an email to any valid internet email address. When I create a meeting, it always tries to send a notification to the meeting creator, but it never even attempts to send an invitation to the attendees.

Since the SMTP task is not needed for outbound mail, only for listening for inbound mail, it would seem that the instruction to have the SMTP task running is only related to receiving inbound meeting requests and has nothing to do with invitations.

Here’s my scenario:

- We have built and maintain a variety of Domino web applications for DHS, including a set of forums with participants from a variety of nations worldwide.
- None of the users use Notes mail and none have the Notes client.
- Since they all have their own unique Active Directories (or something similar), the only place all of the forum users are listed together is in the Domino Directory that drives the web applications.
- I had originally assumed that the meeting creators would all be forced to come to the Meeting Center to create meeting documents and pick the attendees from the Domino Directory in the second tab of the Meeting form.

This begs two questions:

1. If we can get the users properly set up with MS Office Integration, is there some way for the Outlook client to connect to the Sametime server and allow the meeting creators to pick attendees from the Domino Directory, or is it only going to search their local Active Directory?

2. Even though it does send a notification to the meeting creator, why is the Sametime server not sending invitations to the attendees when the meeting is created in the Meeting Center with the web client?

Any input/siggestions would be much appreciated.

Sametime Invitations (Sametime 8.0)... (Mary E Pulliam 23.Jan.08)
. . RE: Sametime Invitations (Sametime ... (Carl Tyler 23.Jan.08)

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