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Ben H Williams 6.Mar.09 09:43 AM a Web browser
Sametime Standard 7.5.1 CF1 Windows

Hi All,

I have an issue with sessions not disconnecting which is causes people to look as if they are logged in when they are not.

I am logging in via Portal which has stlinks enabled, I see the user logging into the Sametime server (via Logging in Sametime Administration) and I can see the user logging off when I close the browser or log off in Portal.

I have tested this a number of times, logging on and then logging off but then after an irregular number of attempts when I log off, I do not see the user log off in Logging, there is no "normal exit" in the Reason column.

What this means is that this user seems to be on line even though they are not.

If I log in again as this user, I see them log into Sametime (via stlinks) in Logging and then see them log off again when I log off but they are still on line to other users logged into Portal/Connect client.

They will not show as off line until I restart the Sametime server. The problem seems to be that the Sametime server should see a log on and a log off for every uesr, if the Sametime server does not see a log off to go along with a log on then the user is always seen as on-line.

Anyone else seen this?

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