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Dave Sutherland 5.Aug.08 01:04 AM a Web browser
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 7.5.1 CF1 Windows

I am unable to get the meeting room client to fully load when launching a meeting to our Sametime server from the internet. I can log into the meeting center and create meetings but cannot attend them or even succssfully peform a test meeting. The meeting room client loads and starts connecting but disconnects after a while with the error "Community: The Host is Unreachable" appears. Meetings attended by users inside the network have no problems attending meetings.

I have seen a few forum articles on similar errors but have not found anything which fixes the error. Any ideas?

Here is the Java Console Log:

[08/01 17:12:47.265] AWT-EventQueue-3 LoginService fireStatusEvent
[08/01 17:12:47.265] AWT-EventQueue-3 ActivityController statusEvent Attempt POLLING connection to, com.lotus.sametime.status.StatusServiceImpl@cc9d70
[08/01 17:12:47.265] AWT-EventQueue-3 STStatusServiceProvider Status Service: Connection option, Attempt POLLING connection to
[08/01 17:12:47.265] AWT-EventQueue-3 LoginService logging in with token
[08/01 17:12:47.265] AWT-EventQueue-3 LoginService fireStatusEvent
[08/01 17:12:47.265] AWT-EventQueue-3 ActivityController statusEvent Log in to server as CN=David Sutherland/O=Watershed/C=AU, com.lotus.sametime.status.StatusServiceImpl@cc9d70
[08/01 17:12:47.281] AWT-EventQueue-3 STStatusServiceProvider Status Service: Log in to server, Log in to server as CN=David Sutherland/O=Watershed/C=AU
[08/01 17:12:47.359] Thread-7 MeetingRoomApplet jsExtensionReady();showConnectivity("Reverse proxy support","Reverse proxy detection is disabled and one was not detected","0");;showConnectivity("Connection option","Attempt DIRECT connection to","0");;showConnectivity("Connection option","Attempt HYBRID connection to","0");;showConnectivity("Connection option","Attempt POLLING connection to","0");;showConnectivity("Log in to server","Log in to server as CN=David Sutherland/O=Watershed/C=AU","0");;
[08/01 17:13:09.968] AWT-EventQueue-3 FileTransferUIComp fileTransferNotAllowed
[08/01 17:13:10.015] AWT-EventQueue-3 LoginService loggedOut: reason = ST_CONNECT_HOST_UNREACHABLE(80000207): Community: The host is unreachable.
[08/01 17:13:10.015] AWT-EventQueue-3 LoginService Retry time elapsed 0 ms
[08/01 17:13:10.015] AWT-EventQueue-3 LoginService fireStatusEvent
[08/01 17:13:10.015] AWT-EventQueue-3 ActivityController statusEvent Logged off server because of reason code -2,147,483,129, com.lotus.sametime.status.StatusServiceImpl@cc9d70
[08/01 17:13:10.015] AWT-EventQueue-3 STStatusServiceProvider Status Service: Logged off server, Logged off server because of reason code -2,147,483,129
[08/01 17:13:10.031] AWT-EventQueue-3 MeetingIndicatorManager joinPlaceFailed
[08/01 17:13:10.031] AWT-EventQueue-3 MeetingIndicatorManager setConnectionState 2
[08/01 17:13:10.031] AWT-EventQueue-3 MeetingIndicatorManager joinPlaceFailed event.getConnectionState() = 3 errorIsFatal false
[08/01 17:13:10.031] AWT-EventQueue-3 MeetingIndicatorManager Join Place Failed: reason = ST_ERROR_VPRESOLVE_UNRESOLVABLE(3): Community: Resolve request failed.
[08/01 17:13:10.031] AWT-EventQueue-3 MeetingController joinPlaceFailed
[08/01 17:13:10.046] AWT-EventQueue-3 ActivityController In shutdown
- [08/01 17:13:10.046] AWT-EventQueue-3 ActivityController Exception shutting down activity DATA

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