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RE: Meetings will not start
Dabney Kessing 2.Jul.02 11:29 AM a Web browser
Sametime Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 2.5 Windows NT/2000

We had this same issue. We worked with Lotus for a few weeks before we got this resolved by reinstalling the entire box and downgraded from 5.09a to 5.08 (their recommendation) and upgraded from NT to 2000. I wish I could tell exactly what fixed our problem, but I do not know. This is a known issue with Sametime, and we worked their developers to try and get this resolved. They are several known fixes to this problem, and I have posted the technote that they sent me. None of these fixes helped us (including a hot fix that they sent us), hopefully one of them will help you. If you are still unable to get meetings to start then you may want to call Lotus support. They were very helpful. One more thing- I could reboot my machine and meetings would start to go active until I started creating a lot of meetings.

Good Luck!!!

TITLE: Sametime 2.5: Meetings Will Not Go Active and Stay in
Scheduled State
PRODUCT AREA: Sametime Server
PRODUCT RELEASE: Sametime Server 2.5
CATEGORY: Companion Products \ Sametime \ Online Meeting Center
NUMBER: 189005
LAST UPDATE: 04/15/2002 09:03:33 AM
CIRCULATION: Public - Faxable


A user creates a new meeting. The meeting can be an instant meeting,
scheduled meeting or Start Now meeting. The meeting never goes active.
Some customers have described this issue as the "loop" phenomenon. The
browser gets stuck in a loop when the problem is actually at the server.
To summarize,

Sametime will occasionally have problems with the Meeting Server or
STMSActivityProvider on the server and meetings will no longer go active.

When a user creates a Start Now meeting, their browser is designed to
refresh until a meeting is launched. The browser refreshes every 5
seconds, which is sufficient for most Sametime servers to have the Start
Now meeting go active. If the server is heavily loaded it may take
longer for the meeting to go active. In these cases, the user will see
the browser refresh 2 or 3 times before the Meeting Room Client launches.

If the meeting never goes active, the user who created or attends a Start
Now meeting will see their browser refresh every 5 seconds with no
result. This makes it appear as if the browser is stuck in a loop.

All Sametime services in the Control Panel show them started. If you look
in Task Manager you will see all Sametime processes listed.

IMPORTANT: In some cases, this issue seems to occur when a user creates an
instant meeting, and invites a combination of Sametime 2.0 and Sametime 1.5
clients. This scenario has been known to initiate the onset of meetings
not starting.


This issue is under investigation by Lotus Quality Engineering. A fix for
one particular issue was been put in Sametime 2.5 Public Fix #1 (PF1).

There are many reasons why meetings will not go active. When a meeting
does not go active, it is usually the sign of another underlying issue.
Contact Lotus Software Support to help troubleshoot this issue.

The following issues have been known to prevent Sametime meetings from
going active:

1. Thread Deadlock occurs on high speed multi processor machines. This
issue was fixed with Public Fix #1. Either install PF1 or turn off
multiprocessors so that only one processor is functioning.

2. The editing of recurring meetings has been known to result in one or
more of the repeating meetings to have either a blank or malformed
starting date. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact Lotus
Software Customer Support, as an interim fix may be available. The
workaround for this issue is to remove the offending meeting from

3. A corrupt stconf.nsf. To determine if stconf.nsf is corrupt, open
stconf.nsf and examine for irregular data. To correct this issue,
stconf.nsf must be repaired.

4. STPlaces crashed and then automatically restarted itself. To
determine if this has occurred on your system, search the Sametime.log
for instances where STPlaces starts without a corresponding shut down
(ignoring initial startup). To work around this issue, shut down then
restart the Sametime server.

5. There has been a Domino server failure. When Domino fails, you may
fine multiple instances of nchronos.exe and/or nmtbf.exe running. The
server must be rebooted to correct this.

6. STMSActivityProvider has crashed and is no longer present in the task
manager list. You must shut down then restart the Sametime server.

7. Another known thread deadlock has been discovered. If you suspect
this to be the issue, contact Lotus Software Customer Support, as an
interim fix may be available.

8. A corrupt Server document.

If your Sametime server gets into a state where meetings will not go
active and/or stay in a scheduled state, and rebooting the server and
rebuilding stconf.nsf do not address the problem, check to see if the
Server document has been corrupted. When the configuration servlet
attempts to load the Server document, if it is corrupt the servlet fails
without warning or notice to the user of the reason for the failure.

When a Server document is corrupt, the following series of errors may be
generated in the server log.nsf:

04/12/2002 08:48:51 AM Addin: Agent printing:
com.lotus.sametime.admin.configuration.ConfigurationServlet: init

04/12/2002 08:48:54 AM Addin: Agent printing: Input XSL; Line 686;
Column 381

04/12/2002 08:48:54 AM Addin: Agent error message: XSL Error: Could
not parse Input XML document!

04/12/2002 08:48:54 AM Addin: Agent error message: XSL Error: SAX

04/12/2002 08:48:54 AM Addin: Agent printing:

04/12/2002 08:48:54 AM Addin: Agent printing:
com.lotus.sametime.statistics.StatisticsServlet: init

04/12/2002 08:48:54 AM Addin: Agent printing: Event server port =

04/12/2002 08:48:55 AM Addin: Agent printing:
StatisticsConfiguration.getHTTPPort() - result =

04/12/2002 08:48:55 AM Addin: Agent error message: Error loading
Servlet (stats): com.lotus.sametime.statistics.StatisticsServlet is
not a valid class name

To fix a corrupt Server document, one or all of the following can be

Create a new replica of the server's Domino Directory (names.nsf -
the primary address book).

Run fixup, updall -r, and compact on the server's names.nsf.

Create a new Server document in the server's names.nsf and remove
the old one. This is a long process that involves copying each
field over to a new document.

9. Try to determine if the issue is related to users initiating instant
meetings and inviting a combination of Sametime 2.0 and Sametime 1.5
clients. This scenario has been known to initiate the onset of meetings
not starting.


Please refer to the document titled "Sametime 2.5 Public Fix #1 (Windows
Platforms)" (#190452) or "Sametime 2.5 for iSeries: Public Fix #1
(C43EHML.exe)" (#191452) for more specific information about PF1.

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