Ryan Guenther commented on Apr 27, 2012

IE fails to load

Saw an issue where IE was not loading STLinks (and in some cases, hanging and freezing the whole box), Firefox was working fine.

Solution is to add the following to the notes.ini on the iNotes server:


Sandy2 Lee commented on Oct 14, 2011

Re: Configuring and Troubleshooting iNotes with Sametime Awareness

Link to technote is broken, technote is archived...here is the information:

Broken link:

•Accessing Domino Web Access over SSL when integrated with non-SSL Sametime

DWA will use whatever protocol is presently being used on the mail server. In this situation, to allow awareness within DWA to a non-SSL Sametime server, the following notes.ini parameter should be added to the DWA server:


Notice the colon after http in the line above.

More information on this parameter can be found in the document titled, Notes.ini Variables for Domino Web Access (#1089521).

Complete the following steps:

On the DWA server, edit the server's notes.ini to include the following parameter:


Reboot the server for this parameter to take effect.

To test:

Connect to a user's DWA mail file.

Enable instant messaging through Preferences.

You will gain awareness after a few moments.

With this parameter in place users will now be able to, (1) access their DWA server over SSL on the DWA server and (2) be able to connect to their Sametime server that is not SSL-enabled. This will allow them to use the Sametime awareness feature.

Note: This notes.ini parameter was introduced in 6.5.2 and will work for all previous DWA servers as well.