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Stuck in 'Ready to route' creates dupe activities once corrected
Tom Griffith 03/08/2010 10:54 PM
General 7.0 Windows XP

Hello. I can't find a thing on this but i'm hoping somebody has seen it or can at least explain what happened.

A user started a job which, after the initiation activity, routes to two activities in parallel. However, one of the activities did not have a potential owner indicated...throwing this error...

No participants, including substitutes, are currently available

This left the folder status stuck on "Ready to route". Once a potential owner was entered into the organization database, the job instantly routed to both activities...however...duplicate documents of both activities were created. The user claimed and edited one of them via email link without knowing there was a duplicate in the applications database and the strange thing is, the claim propagated to the duplicate. Only when the user attempted to save the document did it give a warning that there was a duplicate main document in the database.

Does anybody have any idea what occured here. Thank you very much for reading my attempted description of the problem.

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