Sep 17, 2011, 1:51 PM
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IDE is slower for XPages than 'legacy' notes elements

  • Category: Performance
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 8.5.2
  • Role: Developer
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Sometimes I need to make quick change to an *.nsf while on the road (the *.nsf has not been replicated to local).  I've notices that when I'm editing a Notes element (ie, notes form or notes view)  my speed is fine - but when I'm working with an XPage element (ie, XPage, Custom Control, etc.) my performance is terrible.  For example, it could take a minute for my cursor to jump from one Editbox to another Editbox.  Even working within the Source of an XPage a cursor movement can take some time.  Are there any setting that I can change within my Domino Designer to speed up my XPages development when on the road?  Normally I'd have a local copy of the database to work with but sometimes I need to make a quick change to a server copy.  Thanks in avance, Chad...