Aug 24, 2011, 3:37 PM
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Does anyone know how these brackets got added to my string in SSJS?

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 Can someone explain how the value of a variable in my server side javascript got changed on me?
Here's the code for a Visible formula of a table I created in a control: 
var showLoc = false;
var choiceStr = getComponent("listBox1").getValue();
if (choiceStr != null){
//_dump("choiceStr = " + choiceStr);
if (choiceStr.indexOf(",") == -1){
//_dump("choiceStr is running. Value = " + choiceStr.toString());
if(choiceStr == "[1]"||choiceStr == "[2]"||choiceStr == "[3]"){
showLoc = true;
var choices = choiceStr.split(",");
for(i = 0;i < choices.length;i++){
//_dump("choice array populated. position " + i + " is " + choices[i]);
if(choices[i] == "1"||choices[i] == "2"||choices[i] == "3"){
showLoc = true;
return showLoc; 
 Here's the bizarre bit--if I check the value of choiceStr before I do the indexOf method (the first commented out _dump statement), the value does not have brackets, and it seems to be treated like an array if there are multiple values selected. If I check it AFTER the indexOf method (the second commented out _dump statement), the brackets are added to the string. If there are multiple values, the array gets created by the split (third commented out _dump statement) and there are no brackets.
I was able to make this code work by adding the brackets, but I'm wondering how they got there in the first place. Anyone know? 
Aug 31, 2011, 12:55 PM
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Search for "java.faces.component.UIComponent" to see what getValue() returns..
- While "help" says getComponent() returns a java.faces.component.UIComponent, it doesn't deign to indicate anything about that class, or the many myriads of derivatives that JSF employs from it.  Fortunately google should come to the rescue.  I suspect getValue() is returning a Vector and the SSJS -> Servlet automagic isn't working correctly.  If this is the case, setting choiceStr to be a Vector explicitly, or otherwise explicitly data typing it in some manner, may work consistently.
Hope this helps...