Oct 20, 2016, 11:36 AM
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Close dialog with button from iframe

  • Category: Extension Library
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 8.5.3
  • Role: Developer
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I've got a real puzzler, at least for me it is. I have doc1 in db1 opened in an XPage. On the XPage is a view of of related documents (doc2) in a different database (db2) on the same server. I am using a repeat control with a link wrapped around each entry to open doc2 in a dialog. Because doc2 has fileUpload and fileDownload controls on it, I have to open doc2 in an iframe* in the dialog. I have all the file upload/download stuff working thanks to Toohey's article File Upload XPage Forms via OpenNTF.org Extension Library Dialogs.

The problem is that I am unable to get the dialog to close with a button in the iframe. The difference between my scenario and Toohey's is that I am working with a document in another database (cross domain, I believe). I am unable to get a handle on the parent document from within the child document in the iframe so i can close the dialog. It looks something like this:


<form action="db1.nsf/mainDoc.xsp?doc1&action=openDocument"></form>

<div id="dialog"><form action="db1.nsf/mainDoc.xsp?doc1&action=openDocument">

<iframe src="showDialog.xsp?databaseName=db2.nsf&doc2">

<html><body><form action="db1.nsf/showDialog.xsp?databaseName=db2.nsf&doc2&action=editDocument">

<button id="okBtn" type="submit">OK</button>





*Note: showDialog.xsp is an XPage in db1 with it's data source being the form for doc2 in db2. (I'm using xp:panel with tagName="iframe".)

I want the OK button to save the document (which it does) and close the dialog (which it doesn't). I have tried several different methods of "parent...." to get a handle on <div id="dialog"> and close it with no success at all. I am unable to get a handle on anything in the parent doc because, I think, it is in a different database than doc2 in the dialog/iframe.

Thanks in advance for any response.