Nov 10, 2016, 10:54 PM
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Configure CKEditor to encode pasted images as base 64 jpg not png

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  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 8.5.3
  • Role: Developer
  • Tags: X-Pages,CK Editor,PNG,JPG
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I have an application with an X-Page that provides general users a simple interface for submitting requests to IT. This X-Page has a rich text editor (using the CKEditor) and allows them to paste images (so they can include screenshots).

The IT staff access the applications through the Notes client (v8.5) using a traditional Notes form with a Rich text field. My system is specially configured with Notes 9 as we are looking to move to that in the near future.

In the Notes 9 client, the screenshots submitted by the X-Page appear correctly in the traditional Notes form's rich text field. However users with the 8.5 client get the box with the red X for the screenshots.

From my research I believe that this is because of the way the CK Editor encodes the image as a base 64 MIME png. I think that the 8.5 client is having trouble rendering the png whereas the 9 client is able to render it correctly.

Does anyone know if there is:

a) a setting in the Notes 8.5 client that may be preventing the images appearing correctly (or will let it render png)


b) is there a way I can configure the CK Editor to encode the images as base 64 MIME jpg or gif instead of png?