Dec 8, 2017, 3:47 AM
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Xpage page redirection issue

  • Category: Server Side JavaScript
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 9.0
  • Role: Developer
  • Tags: xpage reload sessionscope
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I have a simple xpage with one search text box and one link On click of link i am setting the value from search text box to the sessionscope and using the open page action i am redirecing to the same page.

Below in the same page I have computed field which is taking the value from the sessionscope and getting the array collection from java package and setting this array to the sessionscope a repeat which is taking that array and showing the values.

now when i test this functionaly on server 8.5.2 i am able to filter the values based on the sessionscope. but if I am doing the same on 9 server some time when i click the link nothing is happening and the page is reloaded with the values earlier set. I would not say it is 9 issue as i have one development server with 9 and it is working there. but on the UAT server which is on 9 it is not working sometimes.


Can any one help me on this ....