Feb 5, 2018, 12:46 PM
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converting Notes client doclinks into web links ... solved

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Solved!  Saving the field as MIME and HTML will automatically make them work on the web perfectly.  You just have to resave each of the affected documents.


I have existing Notes databases which I am web enabling using xPages.  I just ran into a new problem that I'm hoping someone has already solved!

Some documents have doclinks (in rich text fields) to documents in different databases.  As is, these links don't work at all when the rich text field is presented on an xPage.  I can create a link that works on the xPage, using data from the existing doclinks (replica ID, view ID, note ID).  The data I need is in the $Links field on the document.

My question is this:  how do I get that data, in a string, from $Links?  I can get a handle on the embedded object (the doclink) from the rich text field.  But I haven't been successful in getting it into a string so I can parse it.