Oct 24, 2013, 7:17 PM
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PDF converter Hangs XWorks Application

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A custom app is using IBM Xworks to run a pgm to handle Electronic Forms. We produce PDF files using a converter (omniformat) from PDF995 to convert a HTML page into a PDF. Works perfect on 2003 and on 2008, but in Windows 2012 if I run the command from a DOS window - works fine, but when it's called from within Domino Script - it just hangs and never produces the PDF.  It's called via simple shell call, runs the OmniFormat program and creates the PDF from a URL into a specific directory so we can send it out.

Odd thing is, I can launch Xworks as a desktop program and it works, but when I run XWorks as windows service I have the problem.  My answer was build the new server under 2008R2 but they wanted 2012.  Right now we are running it as a desktop app, but that is less than optimum. 

I thinking this has some interactive security problem with 2012 - I know that part of the OS is really tightened up. I am looking for some guidance,ideas,suggestions. 

Oct 28, 2013, 3:43 AM
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Windows 2012

Any newer version of Windows doesn't allow you to run anything with a command prompt.

I would create another program that the server calls and this program handles the call to you first program and suppress the command prompt or redirect it
to another location.