Mar 20, 2017, 10:59 AM
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Update field depending on a combobox value

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I'm new to XPages and I've been struggling with this problem:

I have a combobox "combobox1" and a field "field1" in my XPage and I want to update "fiedl1" everytime the value of "combobox1" changes. The value for field1 needs to be calculated searching for a document in a view using the "combobox1" value as a key to obtain the value from "TargetField" in the document found, if any. The field "field1" should remain editable, so the user can change the value at will.

My idea was to use onchange event of "combobox1" to search for the given value in the search view and obtain the "TargetField", but it seems that the client side javascript is calculated upon page load and then my code doesn't trhow any result.

My code in the onchange event from "combobox1" field:

var idlist = '#{id:combobox1}';
var idfield = '#{id:field1}'; 
var list = XSP.getElementById(idlist).value;
var data = '#{javascript:@DbLookup(@DbName(),"(searchView)","' + list + '","TargetField")}';
XSP.getElementById(idfield).value = data;

The result is that the "data" variable receives a value equal to "", so "field1" receives always an update to "" value. I've checked that "list" variable receives the correct value, but I suspect that variable "data" is calculated BEFORE variable "list" (upon page load).

Any suggestions of how to do what I need?

Apr 4, 2017, 4:26 PM
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The solution is to use serverside javascript not client side

var val = getComponent("combobox1").getValue();

var tview = database.getView("(searchView)")

var vdoc = tview.getDocumentByKey(val,true);



    //set the in memory doc field, too




Be sure to perform a partial update either the field itself or the panel containing it.

Apr 21, 2017, 5:40 AM
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Thanks for the info, Bob.

I've resolved this issue using the approach you suggested. ;)