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Mar 11, 2014, 3:56 PM
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How do I properly set a mail From name FROM A NON-NOTES user?

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I'm familiar with Julie K.'s articles and blogs about how to change the sender name.  However, in this case, I have non-notes users, so there is no Notes domain as part of their name.  I'm setting the names the way I normally would...

nm = "John Smith" <>

mdoc.SentBy = nm

mdoc.Principal = nm

mdoc.ReplyTo = nm

mdoc.From = nm


but when the message is received in Outlook, the sender appears as    which is wrong and misleading, because this isn't the users internet address.  Besides, I'd prefer that the sender simply appear as  John Smith

How should I be doing this?

The Person doc is setup with "Other Internet Mail" and a Forwarding internet email address.  This is an XPage application (browser only) and all users use Outlook for mail.

Mar 13, 2014, 9:56 AM
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This isn't really an XPages specific question so you might have better luck in the Notes/domino forum..

Some people like Nathan Freeman and others say this isn't a big deal...

Personally the only way I've ever been able to "spoof" the return address is by working with some of those fields like "principal" BUT saving the email DIRECTLY into the servers  I've never gotten it to work if going through the router.

I've not tried for many years though...

There are other fields that may or may not come into play...  I believe there's in "INETFROM" field...  I THINK there may be one or two others...


Good luck!  If you get a good answer please post it back!


Mar 22, 2014, 4:29 PM
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SOLUTION for sending mail from non-notes users

The person doc is a manually created user (i.e. not registered)  They have a first name, last name, user name, short name, internet pw, "other internet mail" and forwarding address.

Set the mail sending agent to "Run as Web User"

Define the mail message in LS by setting ONLY the ReplyTo and the INetFrom fields in this format    "John Smith" <>

DO NOT set the Principal, From or SentBy fields.

When the message is received, the value in the From column of the inbox shows    John Smith     in both Notes and a pop3 account.

Checking doc properties in Notes, the From field and ReplyTo fields are both set correctly to   "John Smith <>     and the SMTPOriginator field is set to

Hope this helps someone else.

Apr 3, 2014, 9:08 PM
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Watch out for this *gotcha* !!!

My test agent worked exactly as described, by simply setting the ReplyTo and INetFrom fields.  HOWEVER, in production, I had one agent that created the email message, and then another one that picked up that message by the unid to send it.  This DID NOT WORK even though it was setting the same two fields as the test agent.  The difference was that the message was being saved and then retrieved.  In this process, Notes purges the INetFrom value.  Yes, it's true.  So, if you pick up a saved message this way, be sure to reset the INetFrom field to the value of the ReplyTo field before sending it.  That will work.

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