Nov 16, 2011, 1:34 PM
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Re: Xpages App XSP files do not load, HTML files do (Update)

  • Category: Debugging
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 8.5.1
  • Role: Developer
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  • When the test server copy of the App is brought down, I check to see if all items were delivered to it, everything is present, HTML pages and so on, but the App does not load in the browser
  • I walked over to our server folks to see how the App is installed (Shipped), and what I found is that, in shipping/installing the App to the test server, two things have to go through,
             (1)ship/install it to an inward-facing server template that then creates a version of that App in the same directory,

             (2)then replace the same App on the outward-facing server based on coordinates from the inward-facing server copy of that App 

Here's where I think it broke, just not sure how to fix it:
  1. the inward-facing test server has every file showing in the Elements Window of DDE, which means in the Application Navigator area, where one would find Forms, Views, XPages, etc..., you can see + signs signifying there are files there for Forms, Views, XPages, etc...,
  2. but on the outward-facing server, there are no plus signs, it's as if there isn't even an App there, no files
  3. If you copy the App from the outward-facing server as a local App, and look inside, all files are available, attempt to run them throws a Web Page Unavailable