Mar 20, 2013, 12:29 PM
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Re: Simple autosave for an xpage?

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 Users are filling in a detailed questionnaire online. The same users do this each year.
This year, we're converting the form to be an xPage.

In the previous, regular, "notes form on the web", we had both autosave and "save as draft".

Why the autosave was needed in addition to the "save as draft" button is that a user would be working wirelessly at home, or from somewhere, take an hour to fill in one question for whatever reason, then go to hit "save as draft" only to find out that their wireless had hiccuped in the meantime, their connection / session was lost, and bye bye work, hello screaming user blaming us.   
Re the timing of the save, presumably that would be a variable that could simply be set and adjusted over time??