Mar 6, 2015, 10:12 AM
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Free XPages Webinar on March 17: Presenting Data - Two Alternatives to the View Control

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Webinar on March 17th: Presenting Data - Two Alternatives to the View Control

In this webinar Paul Della-Nebbia from TLCC and Oliver Buse, two IBM Champions, will show how to implement two different alternatives for displaying information from Domino views. First, Paul will cover how to use the Dojo Data Grid (included with XPages) to display a data grid that provides unique features like infinite scrolling, click to sort column headers, adjustable column widths, filtering, and the ability to drag and drop column headers to reorder. As the user scrolls through the view data is retrieved as needed which improves perfomance and usability.

Next, Oliver will use DataTables, a jQuery plugin, to present Domino data in HTML tables with some extra "life". DataTables have many useful extensions for sorting, scrolling and paging. Oliver will show the special "tricks" needed to implement DataTables in XPages and provide a short introduction on how to feed the plugin with REST data from a Domino view.

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