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Feb 3, 2015, 2:04 AM
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Are we doomed using XPages on 8.5.3?

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After re-saving the XPages database, which placed in some folder except root, it ends up with Error 500 Unexpected Error Condition.

It's relate to databases located locally and on the server (Linux server)

 I've experienced this issue couple of years ago. Is it still have a place to be?

Is it really so that we have to place XPages apps in the root folder still? Maybe someone has found a solution or temporary fix?
Our company isn't going to change on 9th version so... do we have a hope? Our Administrator forbids to place databases in a root folder.

There are lots of topics with this problem:

all of them are still unresolved.

I can't believe that there is no people who works with XPages on 8.5.3.

Please, share your thoughts

Feb 3, 2015, 10:49 AM
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There was a problem with .nsf's in a folder...  I thought is was just XPiNC...  I don't remember seeing it on the server but I never ran Linux. Maybe it's on Linux because of all the case sensitivity of the operating system.   I remember talking to someone on the XPages dev team when I found this out.  I did think this was resolved before 8.5.3 but 8.5.3 is so old now I don't remember really.

Regarding the other comments in your post.  I can't believe there are people still on 8.5.3 for XPages work.  I can live with an Administrator forbidding putting databases in the rood but I can't live with an Admin refusing to upgrade a server.  8.5.3 came out in 2011 I believe.  That's kinda like really old.  Heck I think 9.0 came out in 2013...

In today's world of security exploits..  (See Sony) and Web incompatibilities (see iOS 8 and XPages Mobile Controls) to run production apps on a 4 year old server is just insane.  I know it's not your call.  But I just can't understand why a company,  or worse, just an administrator would not keep more current.  It's not like the domino server is a difficult thing to upgrade.  Yes - apps need to be tested first. But there's all sorts of fixes and security updates in there.  To say nothing of the additional benefits to the developer in creating applications.  So you're on 8.5.3... If you don't at least have the upgrade pack then you're missing out on a TON of xpages controls...  if you do have the upgrade pack then The Mobile controls piece is dead to you most likely...  It's likely incompatible with the latest iOS stuff because of the older dojo...  

How does the old software benefit the business?  It doesn't.  It creates more cost and much more risk.

Just my thoughts...








Feb 4, 2015, 5:06 AM
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we're kinda dinosaurs

Thanks Devid...

Unfortunately, there are some problems in company that prevents further evolution of Lotus (including updating on next version). No one but me is interested in new technology. I have a client 9.0 but only me in whole company.

Well... I'll be waitnig for better times...

Feb 4, 2015, 11:41 AM
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I have trouble understanding some Admins

My application gets installed on a clients server and I have no control over the version of N/D that they are operating on, and many Admins refuse to add additional packages such as the openNTF extLib and the Domino API. So I have to dumb my application down to work on 8.5.3 but I am seriously considering changing that and saying it must be 9x. In most cases that I have found it is simply the Admins don't want to venture into any unknown area, and/or they don't like N/D and really want to switch the company to all M$ or some other pet stuff that they understand. Of course if they can keep the N/D in the really old version then they can say but N/D can't do ...... but my pet can so lets switch. They now have a fairly compelling case for making the switch.

Feb 4, 2015, 3:44 PM
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Before you condemn Admins
You have no idea if
  • This company has decided to stop paying support and maintenance and are therefore stuck on this version because someone well above the Admin doesn't want to spend money
  • This company may have taken a decision well above the Admin to not upgrade Domino, the admin could be also upset about having to stay at the same version
  • There may be no Admin, the admin may have been reorged to manage some other platform, or to perform other duties.

It's very easy to condemn situations like this, but often admins and developers within organizations find their voices are no longer heard and they have to muddle through with what they have.
Feb 5, 2015, 1:39 AM
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No claim to the Admin

If honest, our admin is really great. He's really PRO and very competent in subject of lotus. Everything is working as a clock. But yeah... Our (new) bosses  are not interested in developing Lotus further and they're dreaming about moving to another platform (which is awful and disgusting, but of course cheaper. But I'm sure at least for 5 years Lotus still will work good). We had ran out of support before the 9th was released. That's why we can't get an update. 

Feb 5, 2015, 1:18 PM
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Carl - I was not condemning any Admins I was just wondering more about the situation.  I do think it's fair to say that some Admins can be "more difficult" then they need to be.  But every situation is unique of course.  Unlike Notes/Domino 5 through 8 where there just wasn't a lot of new development features added...  These days each version from 8.5 to 9.0.2 has each added a lot of development capability to the XPages developer.  So it's just curious to me when someone is forced to be on something that old.  And as the iOS 8 incident showed it's much worse these days because of all the moving parts of the internet that the corporate IT department can't control any more.

My main thought is that if a company has decided to abandon Domino...  or not upgrade it..  then what is the value of even developing XPages applications?  You're missing out on developer tools to make that time better spent.. and your missing out on Security updates to the server.  So those are pretty big concerns to me in this day and age.  

But "you go to war with what you have and not what you want"...  and I get that.  I was just wondering about the situation as I've been lucky enough to not really have experienced it.


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