Aug 22, 2011, 12:48 PM
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Re: What hardware do you use for xPages development on client with Domino Designer?

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- What Sven recommended will boost your responsiveness considerably.
- What Fredrik said has a dramatic impact on performance.  DDE is phenomenally glacially slow when used over the 'net; it's only slow on the LAN, but when I hit a remote server on the other end of the country it literally redefines slow.  For example:
27 seconds to load one database with tons of complex legacy elements and a smattering of XPages on the LAN.
Between four and five minutes to load a replica of the exact same database from the remote server, depending on how things are at that moment.
By way of comparison a moderately complex legacy only application will load in R7 in under four seconds, locally.
- Server is a quad core Itanium w/ 24GB RAM and SSD Raid.  Workstation is a dual core HT i7 w/ 8GB RAM.  Local connection is gigabit Ethernet where I am the only measurable traffic.  WAN link is 3MBit DSL locally which never comes close to being saturated due the excessive number of connections.  Remote server is 24 core Itanium with 48GB RAM and SSD raid with 50MBits/sec dedicated pipe.
- So DDE is just slow.  Period.  Fast hardware makes little difference after the JVM heap is bumped up.
- However, once it's loaded, with the JVM set to 1GB, it's pretty snappy after that, locally.  Over the 'net to the other end of the country it varies.  Saving one custom control usually takes a few seconds.  Saving a XPage that uses half a dozen JS libraries and and equal number of custom controls is slower.  And then there's just 'net variance.  Sometimes it simply takes four times longer to save over the 'net.
Hope this helps...