Oct 27, 2011, 10:19 AM
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How to get the value of the clicked row in Mobile controls, Extlib

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  • Release: 8.5.3
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Take a look at the following code, it generates two mobile pages from one xpages (using the mobile controls in the latest extlib (8.5.3)
The first mobile page display 10 rows from a repeat control, each line display a number 1-10
The second mobile page displays only the label "item"
I know need to get hold of the row clicked in the first mobile page and display that in the row in the second mobile page.
so If I click on the the row 5 in the first mobile page I want it to say 5 in the second mobile page.
I have tried different things and tried to get answer at the extlib forum
- I tried to use parameters in the url
- I tried to get hold of the repeat using getComponent, but it does not bring me the clicked index
- I tried to  use a hidden field, but get no value.
any ideas?