Aug 2, 2011, 4:15 PM
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Repeat control always emits a div

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  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 8.5.1
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- I have a repeat control that's building some radio buttons inside a table, much like the xp:radioGroup control does, except that clicking on labels works properly.
- BUT the repeat control insists on emitting a div around the td in the table, which confuses IE and borks the rendering.
1. removeRepeat = true does not fix it.
2. repeatControls = true with or without removeRepeat doesn't fix it.
3. disableTheme = true in any combination with the above doesn't fix it.
4. The application theme is already set to to inherit from nothing ... it's an emtpy <theme></theme> and nothing more.
- How does one prevent repeat from automagically emitting a div and mangling everything?
Thanks for your time...
- The magic, should anyone else find it useful, is to omit the id= attribute on the repeat control.  Long as that's there it will emit a div.  Period.  Take that off and the above prevent the div fine as can be.