May 7, 2015, 4:37 AM
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XPages page ACL

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How do I use the acl function in each XPage? I've searched around for days but found no solution specific to my case.

In my application (helpdesk.nsf), I have 3 roles ([Customer Admin], [Helpdesk Admin], [Technician]).

I have a xpage (admin_request_form.xsp) which I don't want those with [Technician] role to have access to it.

In the database ACL list, there are 5 staffs from our office which are added to the ACL with the [Technician] role. Since that's only 5 person, there's no need to create a specific group for those 5 staffs.

So how do I use the acl function in admin_request_form.xsp to restrict access to those 5 staffs? I've tried the following but it seems to unauthorized almost everybody (including those that doesn't have [Technician] role:

By the way, what's the fullName for? Do I need to enter 5 aclEntry for each of the staffs? That'd be a tedious thing to do..

Just for example, the names of the 5 staffs in the database ACL are like following:-

  1. John Doe/Technical/Acme
  2. Jack Daniels/Technical/Acme
  3. Mary Poppins/Technical/Acme
  4. Arm Strong/Technical/Acme
  5. Willy Wally/Technical/Acme
May 7, 2015, 1:20 PM
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It worked..

Thanks Mr. Howard for pointing me to that page. I've actually come across that page before posting here but don’t seem to solve my problem. So I tried again and finally found the problem: I need to also include the 'type' for 'DEFAULT' and 'ANONYMOUS'.

In other words, once you start using the page acl, you must recreate most of whatever you have in your database ACL as it doesn’t inherit from there.

In the end, the following is my page acl:
















My Custom Group















I still haven’t found what should be the correct value for fullName. If you hover over it in designer, it says (Defines users full name e.g. John Smith). But in my case above, I really just put ‘whatever’ and it works fine without any issue.

All in all, I still don’t think that I use this functionality correctly but I have to say this might result in a tedious process since I have quite a number of acl to control on the XPages level.

Other links that I used to solve the issue:,xpages,acl

May 7, 2015, 5:16 PM
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for your entries you don't need the fullname
Since you used the type you don't need the full name just the name. You might have to enter something to avoid a validation issue but it is not used as you found out.

It is a nice feature...