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Feb 10, 2015, 5:48 PM
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Ditto on not being allowed to use OpenNTF content on production servers. Is this the same for all open source code, or just OpenNTF? If OpenNTF, bear in mind most projects outline the license - most recent projects are Apache licensed, which should answer most companies' concerns.

If OpenNTF is an issue on production servers, you mut be severely hampered on not being able to use tools like XPages OpenLog Logger, XPages Log Reader and XPages Debug Toolbar. Bear in mind things like IBM Social Business Toolkit will never be available in the core product, unless the core product includes Connections - they will only ever be available on OpenNTF. Other projects like XPages Scaffolding or OpenNTF Domino API are key elements of any application I build now.

If open source in general is an issue, good luck on outputting to Excel in a format that avoids the security alerts from Office 2007 onwards. That's easily handled by Apache POI, but that's a third party, "unsupported" library. I'm not aware of any official library to output to PDF and IBM will never provide that functionality, nor should they, because it's also in Apache POI or FOP, both open source libraries standard in Java-based applications. Then there are countless other open source Java libraries providing extensive functionality, like org.apache.commons.lang3.

If you just require support for open source code and do not have the skills to support it yourself, speak to a Business Partner.

I first provided fixes to Extension Library for a customer more than two years ago. That customer would still be waiting for a working version of Extension Library to connect to their particular relational backend.

If third-party support is an issue - i.e. support by someone other than who wrote the code - you're never going to be able to use Bootstrap because IBM haven't written the code. Equally, try running your XPages without the Dojo code, because IBM haven't run all of that. And try removing all the Apache Java plugins from your Domino server and try getting it to run. All that mentioned functionality has third-party support of them and if there are bugs / limitations in e.g. Dojo, IBM won't fix or add the functionality (as proof, look at Dojo Number Text Box, where some number constraint options are exposed but not implemented in XPages, because they're not implemented in Dojo.) Equally most off-the-shelf products built in the last five years will use some third-party components.

This forum is closed to new posts and responses. New discussions are now taking place in the IBM Developer Answers forum.