Apr 5, 2017, 9:28 AM
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I saw that, too, but...

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If this were just on a set of auto created documents, then I would understand.   And, no, I'm not using a $Created field anywhere.

I also noticed late yesterday that the date on the database itself is 4/15.  It's that way on the customers server, however, my local replica still shows the current date correctly.

I also noticed that the time is fishy.  Yesterday, the document for my xpage showed a save time of 5:32:38 PM (even though I did that around 3:00pm)

Just this morning at 9:20am, I saved that same document again and now it shows the save time is 5:32:45 PM.

It's not just this document, either - I tried saving another one 5 minutes after this one and got the same save date, but a time of one millisecond later, 5:32:46 PM.

Is there a fixup command that I can try that might clear this up?

Apr 12, 2017, 3:32 PM
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This sort of thing can happen
This sort of thing can happen if someone on the server clicks on the windows calendar/clock in the status bar and changes the date and time.  Sometimes people just want to see for example what day falls on a certain day, and don't realize that can screw up domino/Notes time date stamps.  The same thing can happen if working with a local replica and you click on the date/time in windows.