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Re: Additional param in ViewControl.

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?, getUniversalID() returns the universal id of the document that has been clicked. In Xpages urls like this:
http://<server>/<app>/<xpage>?documentId=21312f3hg1f42gf342gvf4hg2v4h2v42    etc. 
the code following the word "documentId" is that documents universal id, getNoteId() returns a different ID that is not suitable for this to work, that is how the backend works. As I said I dropped it into a test XPage on the teamroom application and it worked fine, the ID after documentId should be changing for every document you click on as it would return a different value for each.
Try going to the view and adding a column with the documents ID and see are they matching whats in the URL, if so something is going wrong with the way your trying to use this / open the document.
e.g. lotus formula for getting the ID is :   @Text(@DocumentUniqueID)      simply copy that into a new column and compare them to the URL if they are the same its an issue with something else. If your still getting this issue please post details about what isn't working / what your seeing on the screen, plus:
1. The code you've used in the viewPanel 
2. The URL your getting + what you think you should be 
3. How your trying to open / display the document