Jun 29, 2012, 5:08 AM
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Re: xPage URL - why is server and file name in it? Yikes! Can I remove it?

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Not entirely sure why, but having a lot of these in the URL means that you can change a lot of functionality of the page by editing a URL param and refreshing which has been very useful to me in the past.
You would have to work out some of these your self but Im guessing you could remove it. All of these params have corresponding attributes on a domino doc data source. what you could do is work these out and have scoped variables set these properties and redirect to a page that doesn't have this URL.
Someone else asked a similar type question on stackoverflow.com, the answer is a good example of the redirect : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11251232/redirect-to-opendocument-from-editdocument-in-xpages