Mar 21, 2015, 7:02 PM
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How do I force a view data source refresh when it uses a search query?

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I have a panel on an xpage that has a view as it's data source.  Within the panel, I have a repeat control bound to the view.  This xpage is my "main" page and shows all the documents in the view.

My customer has now decided to show this same repeat control within another xpage that should only show a subset of the documents in the view.  So, I created this new xpage with an "include page" control that computes to the main xpage.  However, I added a query string to use in the "search within view" property.  So, if the main xpage shows on its own, it shows all documents.  If the main xpage shows from the new subset page, then the query string will filter the documents based on some criteria.

This all works wonderfully - until I create a new document.  For example, the new subset page shows documents 123-1, 123-2 and 123-3.  If I create a new document, 123-4, save it and return to my new page - the -4 document will not show in the list.  I can refresh the page, refresh the repeat control, refresh the panel, get the backend view and refresh it, then refresh the page, context.reloadpage - nothing seems to update the view results from the query string.

I can switch to the main xpage that shows all docs, and the new document 123-4 shows up fine.  If I switch back to the subset page, all I see is the 3 docs I had before.  Wait 5 minutes, refresh again, nothing.  I made sure the view refresh was set to Automatic, too.

So, how do I get the query results to update?   I also verified in the source that the all the controls are computed dynamically (#), and I Cleaned my project, went back to the subset view, still only see 3 docs.  Eventually, as I try everything I can think of, the subset page will get refreshed and then show all 4 documents correctly.  Thinking I have it solved, I create a new document, -5, and then I'm back to square one - it won't show.


Mar 22, 2015, 1:58 AM
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I'm just guessing here...

I didn't try to redo your application to test your issue but my guess is to use NotesDatabase.updateFTIndex()?

Mar 22, 2015, 1:02 PM
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GREAT guess!!!

That was it, Baxter - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!