Mar 17, 2016, 1:09 PM
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Some suggestions...

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Tried the following snippet yet?

If the above doesn't work,

1. How many entries are you displaying per page? AFAIK even if you used repeat control, data view etc, the no. of entries that is displayed per page does affect a bit on the performance so I tend to stick to a maximum of 100 entries per page.

2. Maybe the underlying view is the issue? Perhaps it is too complex? If each column in the view is just retrieving field value then it will be fast. However if the column values are computed with a lot of @Formula, that might affect performance. Worst case is @Today and @Now. See the following:

3. A flat view + option to filter data is a more proper way in the web (Other than Domino, I've never seen categorized view/list in other web based product). Maybe build your flat view using the Dojo Data Grid + REST approach?

4. If you prefer a more plug and play (and maybe a little bit of customization) approach, you can try the XPages ViewGrid