Feb 4, 2015, 9:07 AM
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Free XPages Webinar - A Notes Developer's Journey Into Java

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Free Xpages Webinar on Using Java in XPages on February 17th! Register at http://www.tlcc.com/admin/tlccsite.nsf/pages/xpages-webinar?opendocument

A Notes Developer's Journey into Java
Beans and Java! We hear those buzz words all the time but our XPages applications seem to work fine with Server Side JavaScript. Why should we use Java and managed beans? Come learn about one long-time Notes developer's journey using a Java Managed Bean and why. Discover how a Bean allowed the data to be cached in memory allowing for quick access to user-selected data subsets. Learn how different Java collections like HashMaps, ArrayLists and TreeSets can be used to build in-memory objects of your data. See how using a Managed Bean can simplify and greatly speed up your XPages applications! A comparison will be made of the performance savings before and after the implementation of the Managed Bean. Come get gently led down the path to the pot of Java waiting at the end of the rainbow!