May 8, 2013, 10:34 AM
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Re: Hide when

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Thanks Baxter, that got me thinking. I modified a bit what you suggested, as ... if the document was not in edit mode -- then that needed to override the status check, rather than be equal to it as an OR.

 here's my hidewhen that is working. if doc isn't in edit mode, then don't render this element visible. if it is in edit mode, and the status field is not set to final, then do render this element visible. Otherwise, don't render it visible.

Probably really wordy coding, but it's working, for the sake of others who are desperate:

        var show = "";
        if (!Submission.isEditable()) {show = "No"}
        else if (Submission.getItemValueString('Status')!='Final') { show = "Yes"}
        show == "Yes";