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Notes/Domino 4 and 5 Forum


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Hide details for Kevin PettittKevin Pettitt
Hide details for 15.Jul.0915.Jul.09
WARNING - @NoteID Hex->Num conversion formula not 100%
Hide details for 6.Nov.056.Nov.05
RE: YES!! Refresh doc with javascript (used in dialogbox)
RE: Field Input Validation and Formula Shared Actions
Hide details for 3.Jul.053.Jul.05
RE: Catchall mailbox, ndr notifications
Hide details for 30.Oct.0430.Oct.04
RE: How to move Web-Attachments to RTF
RE: Wanted: Domino Web Coding Bootcamp Seminar Materials on Multimedia CDs
Anybody developing Notes apps on ultra-portable Laptop?
Hide details for 22.Jul.0422.Jul.04
RE: hide when formula not working
Hide details for 28.Jun.0428.Jun.04
RE: Keeping track of code changes
Hide details for 26.Jun.0426.Jun.04
RE: Keeping track of code changes
Hide details for 22.Jun.0422.Jun.04
RE: hide when formula not working
Hide details for 1.Jun.041.Jun.04
RE: States and Counties List
Hide details for 2.Apr.042.Apr.04
RE: Problems with File-Attach in new memo
Hide details for 29.Mar.0429.Mar.04
SOLUTION: Checking Attachment Size Without Saving
Hide details for 7.Mar.047.Mar.04
Supplement to (Solution (somewhat inelegant) to Tab Order problem in Notes)
Hide details for 5.Jan.045.Jan.04
RE: Change field value with lotusscript
Hide details for 5.Nov.035.Nov.03
RE: Tell if document being opened from doclink?
Hide details for 30.Oct.0330.Oct.03
RE: View Selection via LotusScript
RE: RestrictToCategory not displaying secondary categorization
Hide details for 17.Sep.0317.Sep.03
Hide details for 2.Jul.032.Jul.03
Re:Add Http Header (Link fixed)
Hide details for 15.May.0315.May.03
RE: Print custom view icon
Hide details for 7.May.037.May.03
RE: SMTP in the local domain
Hide details for 21.Jan.0321.Jan.03
RE: Whats wrong with this code....db.Search class
RE: Passing variables to other agents
Hide details for 10.Dec.0210.Dec.02
RE: Has anyone out there been able to display contents of Profile Docs in a view?
RE: GetDocumentByKey() troubles
Combatting the perception of Domino as "marginal"
Hide details for 9.Dec.029.Dec.02
So I'm looking for the "Notes" section at Borders Books yesterday...
RE: userroles & ismember
Hide details for 27.Nov.0227.Nov.02
RE: field validation in edit mode
Hide details for 22.Nov.0222.Nov.02
RE: remove All docs from a folder without a loop?
Hide details for 21.Nov.0221.Nov.02
RE: Scheduled agent already running
RE: Scheduled agent already running
Hide details for 19.Nov.0219.Nov.02
RE: Major Problem with Application!!! Please Help
Hide details for 18.Nov.0218.Nov.02
RE: View Design Assistance Requested
Hide details for 15.Nov.0215.Nov.02
RE: This is REALLY odd.... (Document per Average question)
RE: Examples of Cool Notes Client Apps
RE: GetAllDocumentsByKey and Looping
Hide details for 11.Nov.0211.Nov.02
RE: I am open to suggestions from all the gurus.
RE: template management
Hide details for 7.Nov.027.Nov.02
RE: template management
Hide details for 4.Nov.024.Nov.02
RE: Search Results Highlighted Words
Hide details for 1.Nov.021.Nov.02
RE: Is it possible to force a document to open in a dialog box.
Hide details for 30.Oct.0230.Oct.02
RE: How can I NOT execute QueryClose
Hide details for 29.Oct.0229.Oct.02
RE: eliminates duplicate entries in an array
RE: Label Creating Method doesn't allow me to sort records
Hide details for 28.Oct.0228.Oct.02
RE: Agent not working
RE: PickListCollection and window sizing
RE: Looking for an API Utility that will do mass changes to design elements
Hide details for 25.Oct.0225.Oct.02
RE: DBLookUp and Evaluate problem
RE: TIP: NotesDocument handles and Save conflict handling
RE: Lotus Script and the MultiValue Field
Hide details for 2.Oct.022.Oct.02
RE: can someone PLEASE help me out with this
Hide details for 29.Sep.0229.Sep.02
RE: FYI: Custom View Icons in 3 Easy Steps
Hide details for 12.Sep.0212.Sep.02
RE: Help with @adjust'ing a date in view overall selection
Hide details for 29.Aug.0229.Aug.02
RE: Opening a Frameset as default yet returning to the last used view?
Hide details for 28.Aug.0228.Aug.02
Potential Problem (Re:I used a Profile Document so there are no extra docs sitting around....)

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