Matthias Kubik commented on Dec 20, 2016

Re: System Requirements

Isn't Linux (RHEL at least) a supported OS? I believe it is, so how can happen not to be supported then??? When?

Mohamed Ikbal Majeri commented on Dec 14, 2016

Re: System Requirements - Linux

I also encounter the same issue as Tom and Kenneth on my Open Client for Fedora 25. When can we have the support for Linux declared?

Maurice Teeuwe commented on Aug 30, 2016

Re: System Requirements

@Jack, can you update this page to reflect that 'One-to-one video chat is supported from Cloud on desktop clients as well? This feature was introduced in Q1-16 already.

Kenneth C Vearner commented on Jun 28, 2016

Re: System Requirements - Linux

I have the same experience as Tom McSweeney but with IBM Open Client RHEL7. It seems the installed Linux base should be at least as large as MacOS community within IBM. Will this tool soon be tested and supported for Linux users?

Linda Feliciano commented on Apr 21, 2016

Re: System Requirements

I am encountering the same issue. This started happening approximately a week ago and your requirements above seem to indicate that FF cannot be 64-bit. Why would that be? It worked before? Why would we be required to go to an older architecture? Thanks.

Tom McSweeney commented on Apr 19, 2016

Re: System Requirements - Linux ?

I use the IBM Open Client for RHEL6 on my laptop. Every time I join a meeting, I get a little popup window that I have to dismiss, that tells me my browser is not supported. The browser is FireFox, and the meeting seems to work OK, although I admit I have not tried using it for audio.

When will you declare support for Linux, so I don't have to dismiss that popup every time I join a meeting?