Robert F Harwood commented on Jan 16, 2012

Re: Opening Notes Documents on pages


Michal Svarc commented on Oct 4, 2010

Opening Notes Documents on pages

But what if I have many forms in the database and while I want to open them on composite page I don't want to create page for every of them - all of them will be same and it will just slow down the application...

Thank you for your help!

Karsten HW Lehmann commented on Jan 14, 2009

For all readers of this article

Please note that you need to define the property

" = true"

on page level to have wiring and property broker support for the NSF document placeholder component in the opened CA page.

It's described in this posting:

Running NSF Components in context

{ Link }

Karsten HW Lehmann commented on Jan 13, 2009

Here is a solution for multiple documents (in Notes 8.5)


If you're familiar with Java coding, maybe this is something for you:

{ Link }

{ Link }

Manu Radhakrishna commented on Dec 30, 2008

Does not work when you open multiple documents

The example works fine using the property Karsten mentions, but if you try to open multiple documents together it opens the document in the form not in the composite application

Karsten HW Lehmann commented on Dec 25, 2008

The described steps do not work

As mentioned in the 8.5 at:

{ Link }

additional steps are required to make this opening of documents work:

- add to the application properties

- the form really needs an alias, you can name it for example "test | test"

Manu Radhakrishna commented on Nov 19, 2008

can this work?

I need to way to launch a composite application when the user double clicks on a message in their inbox with a specific subject line.

Based on the article this is what I did , I created a composite application with the name CustomForm (Alias set to my CustomForm) and then modified the inbox folder to use the CustomForm when the subject line has the word Custom in it.

My assumption is that a Notes form does not need to be created and that the Composite Application with alias set should work. However when i try launching it Notes complains that it cannot find the Form named CustomForm.

Are my assumptions correct ? Is this support to work (launching a composite application instead of the Memo form)