Mohammad F Ahmad commented on Nov 15, 2017

Re: Tutorial: Introduction to XPages

Why the link to " consult the documentation for Lotus Domino development" leads to ebay ???

in March 9, 2016 | Version 13

Pete Rawlings commented on Oct 24, 2013

Re: Tutorial: Introduction to XPages

One point as Im new to expages , I would have a prreciated the Why your creating elements and for what purpose. I still dont understand why in the container Custom control so many panels were created. I can see it breaks up the page , but why panels in panels ?

Jeffrey B Gutierrez commented on Jun 28, 2012

Re: Tutorial: Introduction to XPages

Jeffrey B Gutierrez commented on Jun 28, 2012

Re: Tutorial: Introduction to XPages

Start learning again xpages...

Stephen S Harvey commented on Jun 29, 2011

Can't get this to work

Why am I not authorised to open any of the sample nsfs??????????? Surely they should be default manager?

Dan OConnor commented on Dec 2, 2009

Tutorial: Introduction to XPages

@Scott - Could this be because you are using the folder named 'Local' when in the Java Perspective. This folder is actually local to the current machine and is not a virtual folder in the database. It is used as a temporary location for building metadata information relating to XPages.

A better approach is to create a new Java Folder in your NSF. The contents of your new folder will be stored within the NSF

Hope this helps

Scott Blaylock commented on Sep 24, 2009

Java Code Disappears

In Exercise 26 you create the Java code in the Java perspective, and this works great, but when I make a new replica or new copy of the nsf the Java code disappears. The compiled class files are there somewhere as I can still make the call and I get the expected result, but I can't edit the code in the new copy/replica as the source folder and javaSample package are both gone.

Deanna Drschiwiski commented on Aug 6, 2009

Resources available

{ Link }

Note: Above is a zip file.

Thomas Kennedy commented on Jul 26, 2009

Where can I get the images and css for Exercise 3?

Where can I get the images and css for Exercise 3?

Deanna Drschiwiski commented on Jul 24, 2009

Links removed

Hi all - the bad references have been removed. The authors have been asked to provide the reference material in a new location. They will will also check the images in exercise 3.

Thanks for your feedback!

Roland Reddekop commented on Jul 22, 2009

Is that reference link a non-public IBM internal link?

I cannot access this link either. Even the host is not found. Possible this host is not public accessible.

{ Link }

Howard Shevitz commented on Jul 21, 2009


Looks like the link to the resources is invalid.

The images in Exercise 3 seem to be out of order.

Raymond Weber commented on Jul 21, 2009


Thanks for this introduction to XPages.

However, the URL { Link } does not seem to exist

(Unable to determine IP address from host name for