Luanne Cali commented on Mar 19, 2009


Is there a way to work around the $noPurge issue when archiving is server/policy based. The user cannot interact with archive in this case. We don't want to count on them anyway. This ahs been going on since we started purging years ago on Release 6. Domino and Notes 8.0x, iSeries.

Is this more of a forum thing than a wiki thing?

Thank you.

Tom M commented on Feb 29, 2008

Archiving - Documents that do not archive and seem like they should

How do I override this for applications? I have an application where the archive settings (in the database properties) are set to archive anything not modified in the last 550 days (about a year and a half). The database has many documents that were created 3 years ago, but modified 15 months ago by an agent. The scheduled archive won't get rid of them, and there is no "archive selected docs" option in application dbs.