Jack P Thyrie commented on Mar 13, 2009

it seems to work

Hi Pam

Yesterday I downloaded the ODP file twice and both times it opened with error in Symphony Presentation.

But today everythings seems to work fine, so what the error were I don't know.

Greate session by the way ;-)

Pam Gilday commented on Mar 12, 2009

ODP is working fine on my systems

Hi Jack, - not sure what you mean - just ran through the ODP on 2 of my systems and walked through each screen no problem - all 154 of them. I had saved the ODP to disk and opened it from the saved directory, just by double-click, while Notes was running. Not sure, maybe you opened the ODP in some other manner - anyway - it sure looks fine from here.

Jack P Thyrie commented on Mar 12, 2009

SideBarSafari.odp fil corrupt EOM