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If your server has sufficient memory, you can improve the performance of the server by increasing the number of databases that Lotus Domino can cache in memory at one time. To do so, use the NSF_DbCache_Maxentries statement in the NOTES.INI file. The default value is 25 or the NSF_Buffer_Pool_Size divided by 300 KB, whichever value is greater. The maximum number of databases that can be cached in memory is approximately 10,000. For short intervals, Lotus Domino will store up to 1.5 times the number entered for this variable.

Monitor the Database.DbCache.Hits statistic on your server. This indicates the number of times a database open request was satisfied by finding the database in cache. A high value indicates database cache is working effectively. If the ratio of Database.DbCache.Hits to InitialDbOpen is low, you might consider increasing NSF_DbCache_Maxentries.

To set the number of databases that a server can hold in its database cache at one time, set the NOTES.INI value as follows:

NSF_DbCache_Maxentries = [number]

In special circumstances, you might also want to disable the database caching. The database cache is enabled by default. To disable database caching, enter the following syntax on the Domino console:

Dbcache disable

The database cache keeps databases open. Use this command to disable the database cache when you need exclusive access to a file that might be in the database cache. For example, to run an application such as a virus checker or backup software, disable the cache. To re-enable the database cache, restart the server.


Redbook:Domino Tuning Parameters in notes.ini