Jacques Perrier commented on May 23, 2016

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes 8.5 Client with Google Gmail

Hi there

I have been using this configuration for about 4 years without any problem. But, suddenly, I got this message "Certificat homologue SSL erroné. Connexion refusée" while the message below is written in the log.nsf :

23/05/2016 16:19:54 [0184:0006-148C:wrepl] SMTPClient: SSL handshake error: 1C7Bh

I have been double checking everything, reinstalling Notes 8.5, scanning my whole system with BitDefender antivirus, and couldn't find any explanation. This happened on May 17, between 8pm and 9:14 pm as shown in the log.sf

17/05/2016 20:02:05 Dynamic Client Configuration démarré

17/05/2016 20:02:05 Initialisation de Dynamic Client Configuration

17/05/2016 20:02:05 Arrêt de Dynamic Client Configuration

17/05/2016 21:14:44 [0848:0008-0B08:wrepl] SMTPClient: SSL handshake error: 1C7Bh

As far as I can remember, I did not change anything in my computer...

Any clue on why I am having this proble and how I could fix it ?

Many thanks in advance

J.M. Perrier

Vinil B Chandru commented on Jul 24, 2014

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes 8.5 Client with Google Gmail

@ Marcel Miller: Sir Just add 'gmail.com' in domino mail domain option and save and close , it will accept and mails works fine....

Marcel Miller commented on Feb 14, 2014

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes 8.5 Client with Google Gmail

Hi Jean,

great Manual - I have just one Problem:

I tried to connect Gmail (pop3/smtp) with the Notes Client 8.5.3. (german) All worked fine till the last step:

a. Select Locations

b. Select Online > Open


Save & Close.

Error Message: "Sie müssen eine Domino-Maildomäne angeben." (You must fill in the Domino mail domain)

I did all exactly as you told. What is wrong?

Maybe you can help.

Thanks a lot



vijay k ragavan commented on May 8, 2013

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes Client with Gmail

Hi... How to change (revert) the configuration?

If we delete the mails in notes client, will it take effect in gmail too?

Jean-Paul Mehanna commented on Mar 5, 2013

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes Client with Gmail

Sorry for the delayed response...no longer in Lotus

@ Sanjay Khadse

You will need to reconfigure your Lotus Notes Client before you can follow the above steps, to do so:

Close the Notes client.

Browse to \Lotus\Notes and copy the Notes.ini to the desktop

Browse to \Lotus\Notes\Data and move the following files to your desktop:




Delete cache.ndk from the Data folder

Open the Notes.ini from the Lotus\Notes folder, select everything except the first 4 lines.

You should only keep the following lines:



Directory=C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\Data (This is the path where your data folder is stored)

InstallType=6 (InstallType = 2 for All Client Install)

Save & Close.

Launch the Notes Client, go through the configuration then test again.

To copy the contacts back into the user's address book, from the Notes Client > File > Open > Lotus Notes Application > (Browser to the desktop and select Names.nsf then open it > Ctrl + A (To select all contacts) > Ctrl + C (To copy all contacts) > open the new address book from the Client then Ctrl + V to paste all the contacts.

@ Dirk Kaehler

You want to receive both Domino mail and gmail in the same inbox without changing location documents?

Dirk Kaehler commented on Jan 23, 2013

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes Client with Gmail

If I follow your instructions. The Online-Account allows access to Gmail by IMAP Online (thats what I need, not Pop3 or IMAP Offline) but no longer to the Domino-Server. How can I use both at the same time without changing from Online1 (with Domino) to Online2 (with Internet Mail).

Regards and Thanks for an answer,

Dirk Kaehler

Ali R Fazal commented on Jun 13, 2012

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes Client with Gmail


I was using Lotus Notes in my office but after moving to another job, I installed Lotus Notes 8.5 on my personal laptop and as advised on online blogs I copied certain files (mainly the 'data' folder and mail files and ini file) and replaced on my personal laptop.

Now when I try doing the above guidance for setting up gmail to use to send/receive emails using my local mail box already copied from the office laptop, I get a problem.

In step 3 screenshot, it gives option for LAN or Network Dialup not Modem dialup. Also after end of all steps, it askes for network id and phone number to call server.

Also, in edit locations in Mail tab it says you can not save without a Domino mail domain.

Maybe this is because the office was using a Domino server, so what do I do to uninstall or remove the settings for Domino server in order to be able to send receive (or forward old emails in my mailbox on lotus) using gmail settings?

Sanjay Khadse commented on Sep 12, 2011

Re: Configuring the Lotus Notes Client with Gmail

Hi Jean,

Just great.......

Thanks & Regards,

Sanjay Khadse