Ronald J Ledwich commented on Jul 21, 2010

Inserting Custom Sidebar Panels in iNotes 8.5, 8.5.x

I've updated the article to reflect the changes in iNotes 8.5.1. The customization points in iNotes 8.5.1 have been moved to a separate NSF database called Forms85_x.nsf. This way the iNotes team can provide core fixes and feature updates to the Forms85.nsf database without affecting customer modifications to the application.

David J Barry commented on Jul 13, 2010

Inserting Custom Sidebar Panels in iNotes 8.5

Trying to find an 8.5.1 update for this page.

There have been major updates to Forms85 with the introduction of forms85_x.

Customizing the look of Lotus iNotes Wiki says Custom_JS is now, "Used for older "classic" architecture forms." and Custom_JS_Lite is "used for newer lite architecture forms".

What are procedures for "Inserting Custom Sidebar Panels in iNotes 8.5.1 in Full Mode"?