Mark Taylor commented on Oct 24, 2014

Re: Managed Replicas Explained

We've recently converted all our users to Managed Replicas. One thing that I found, however, was that Quotas are not enforced on Managed (or local) replicas - which has caused a huge problem because the user is no longer prompted with a warning, and Traveler, for example, no longer syncs when the user is over quota. Lots of unhappy users.

See technote here ->

Might be good information to add to this article to make the topic more complete - or at least add the link .

Suresh Khatry commented on Jul 12, 2011

Re: Managed Replicas Explained

very nice article but the image associated with "Desktop Settings policy document > Mail tab > Mail Settings & Managed Replica Settings" is missing in this article. Please be so kind as to include it. Thanks