Shawn Hanna commented on Sep 13, 2011

Re: Running an agent

How do you return text to the browser when running a Java agent?

System.out.prlintln() prints to the server counsel.

Harris Huckabee commented on May 12, 2011

Re: Running an agent

Just wanted to say that the cause of the agent error I wrote about in the last comment seems to be related to some sort of corruption in the mailfile. When I placed the agent into the context of another mailfile, I did not receive the "DOM parser operation failed" error. So the problem seems not to be in the agent or its security settings, but corruption in the file itself or the ACL.

Harris Huckabee commented on Apr 27, 2011

Re: Running an agent

I started receiving a console error recently... "HTTP Server: Agent 'dwa_init' error: DOM parser operation failed". Maybe related to a server update? The agent is embedded in a NotesVar like in the first example, and is a LotusScript agent with a print statement located in the user mailfile. It just stopped working sometime around the beginning of April. Nothing seems to have changed with relation to agent access/server doc settings, and I found that even when I call a bare-bones version of the agent, the error continues. Eric, have you heard of anybody observing anything like this?