Jacob Andersson commented on Mar 25, 2010


It seems it is only after I added this notes.ini-setting also on my client machine that new databases get the ODS51-foirmat. Is this correct? Or is it by design that it takes a certain number of minutes before the server reads the notes.ini-setting on the server?

Norm Van Bergen commented on Oct 23, 2009

Is '-c' the only compact option that will trigger the ODS upgrade?

Is '-c' the only compact option that will trigger the ODS upgrade?

We don't use the -c option in any of our scheduled compactions.

Albrecht Backhaus commented on Jan 26, 2009

found reason for crash

Found out in the meantime that crash not occurs when editing notes.ini with notepad instead of a profesional edit. Maybe a codepage problem ?(editor converts text file on opening)

Albrecht Backhaus commented on Jan 25, 2009

Setting crashes Client 8.5 on Vist64 ..

and forces new installation. The error message is " You can not run Client an Server ....."

Harry Peebles commented on Oct 30, 2008

Yes, the D8.5 ODS is 51

Yes, there had been a beta with ODS 50.

The body of the main post has been updated.

markin lampar commented on Sep 4, 2008


ODS 51 as of Beta2

Maybe it was 50 for Beta1?

Art Zoutendijk commented on Jul 17, 2008

ODS 50 or 51

Both ODS 50 and 51 are mentioned in the text. Which is correct ?