Richard Schwartz commented on Feb 23, 2008


Please explain the benefit of this more clearly. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that use of a new ODS has been turned off by default. Why the change? Particularly given that the "strongly recommended"setting is to enable ODS 48, this seems very odd to me.

I do not see how creation of new databases using a new ODS has anything at all to do with forcing ODS upgrades. Under what circumstances would someone find that a time-consuming ODS upgrade occurs without the user actually wanting it to happen?

P.S. I think "time-consuming" is better usage than "time consuming" { Link }


Hello Richard on 4/10/2008,

The original post included

"This behavior deliberately avoids forcing ODS upgrades, which can be time consuming."

I've changed this to

"This default behavior deliberately avoids forcing ODS upgrades during DB compact, which can be unexpectedly time-consuming."

Thanks for the suggestions,