Tina M Day commented on Feb 11, 2015

Re: Directory Assistance Troubleshooting Script


Thanks a lot for this wonderful document.. I have a similar issue in our environment.. We are running a Lotus Domino version 6.5.5 in our environment.. We were syncing internet passwords between LDAP and Notes Nab using a connector.. Now that the connector is being removed, we would like to have the Domino web users get authenticated directly from LDAP instead of checking the person document for authentication.

How do we achieve this? We need to somehow make Domino authenticate using LDAP eliminating the dependency on Notes NAB..

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks !


dominque jean perarnaud commented on Mar 18, 2014

Re: Directory Assistance Troubleshooting Script

What if I set up many secundary directory and I want to display them to users based on the domino directory (users are inside groups) ?

How to do it ?

At the moment the address list display all the secundary directory, and if the users is not list in the ACL of the secundary directory, when I click on it, I get the typical message when I do not have acces right (aka ACL).

Tate Joyner commented on May 19, 2009


Thanks for the feedback, Paul... not sure what happened, but the images should be there again now.

Paul C Ryan commented on Mar 28, 2009

images not loading in browser


First, thanks for the info here!

Just a quick note to say that the embedded images in this page don't seem to be loading, at least not with the latest IE browser I'm using.

- Paul Ryan -