Michael Willard commented on Mar 20, 2012

Re: Domino Policies - FAQ

Thank you for taking the time to put together this well thought out document Mark. Much appreciated!!

Jan Van Puyvelde commented on Jun 22, 2010

Domino Policies - FAQ

About the comment from Corey: I too read over the word "only" several times. I modified the sentence to emphasize that word.

Jose Zaldivar commented on May 30, 2010

Domino Policies - FAQ

Can some explain more what location document will be updated? If a user has 3 location docs, say "Off-line, Internet, Office" how do I apply a policy to each location?

Mark A. Skurla commented on Aug 19, 2009

Response to Corey

Hello Corey,

There is no contradiction. The "No" in the first sentence refers to the "only" part. I did not want people to think that Home Server groups were limited in use to Dynamic Policies. Thus my statement in the second sentence. If the question had omitted the "only" part, then yes, there would have been a contradiction.



Slawomir Lipski commented on Jul 31, 2009

adding client notes.ini settings in 8.0.1

Regarding paragraph: "Why can't I send down NOTES.INI settings or managed settings for plug-ins down to the client?"

It is possible since 8.0 (maybe even 7.0, I don't remember). But it is a little tricky. Never did myself:) I just remember thought that on admin-update courses. Take a look at "Using policies to assign NOTES.INI or Location document settings to Notes client users" subject in R8 Administrator Help.

Pam Gilday commented on Jul 15, 2009

related post on pushing notes.ini and eclipse preference settings

This related post points to a tech note describing how to push notes.ini and eclipse settings.

{ Link }

corey w davis commented on Jul 14, 2009

Contradiction on Home Server Group Usage

There is a contradictory statement in the "Can Home Server groups only be used in Dynamic Policies? " section. The first sentence says "No..." in answer to the "Can Home Server groups only be used in Dynamic Policies? " question, but the second sentence says "it can be used wherever a regular group is used and that includes Dynamic Policies."