Siddhartha Rathi commented on Dec 29, 2011

Re: Lotus iNotes: How to enable a custom Forms database

Hi Eric,

I would like to add two - three fields in the Calendar Form in iNotes6. I have been able to even add them and show them as required on the form but when I am trying to save and send the form the values are not getting updated on the document which is getting created in the database. Will you be able to help me in this matter as this is delaying delivery for my client.


Eric Spencer commented on Jun 5, 2009

Lotus iNotes: How to enable a custom Forms database

It seems like you are looking at an earlier revision of the article. That $FormsTemplateExtFile item does not appear in the latest version of the article. The item does not apply to 8.5 and earlier releases.

Steve Sherwood commented on Jun 4, 2009

How is the $FormsTemplateExtFile used?

Re. { Link } how is the $FormsTemplateExtFile value used? I don't understand what is meant by "This is a database that can be modified with touching the original Forms85.nsf".